We’re a dedicated group of passionate individuals who want to see a brighter future for a nation we love.

Meet the Mortel HHH team

United States Staff

Denise Mortel Mitchell

Denise Mortel Mitchell


Rachel Bowles

Rachel Bowles

Director of Administration and Operations

Martha Rupert

Martha Rupert

Director of Finances

Patricia Mooney

Patricia Mooney

Director of Communications and Organizational Development

Cecile Mortel

Cecile Mortel

Events Coordinator

Haiti Staff

Jean Mirvil

Mr. Jean Mirvil

Lead Educational Director

Edna Pierre-Louis

Mrs. Edna Pierre-Louis

Principal of Preschool

Joseph Jean Philippe

Mr. Joseph Jean Philippe

Principal of Les Bons Samaritains (LBS)

Alex Monfilston

Fr. Alex Monfilston

Principal of College James M. Stine Secondary School

Gola Jovbergy

Mr. Gola Jovbergy

Assistant Principal, LBS

Lucienne Destin Robert

Mrs. Lucienne Destin Robert

LBS Staff Developer

Guerol Demosthenes

Mr. Guerol Demosthenes


Paul Pierre-Louis

Mr. Paul Pierre-Louis

Assistant Administrator

Osnel Estimé

Mr. Osnel Estimé

Director of Agriculture

Yonel Emilcar

Yonel Emilcar

Director of Notre Dame de Lamercie Literacy School

Patricia Chairs Building Preschool Staff

Preschool Staff

Les Bons Samaritains Primary School Staff

Les Bons Samaritains Primary School Staff

Les Bons Samaritains School Support Staff

Board of Advisors

Patrick Brady

Cindy Goldsworthy

Gary Imblum

Renee Joy

John Lear

Chuck Mattioni

Kevin Murphy

Anne Reeves

William Rowe

James Taneyhill, Chair