Our Preschool: Patricia Chairs Building

  • Opened: 2015
  • Serves: 179 students (2020-2021 school year)
  • Ages: 3 and 4-year-olds
  • Employs: 15 Haitians
  • Includes: four classes of half-day preschool
  • Students receive: education and daily meals

Additional facts:

  • New school building completed and welcomed students in fall 2017
  • One Les Bons Samaritains (LBS) alumna is currently employed as an aide in the classroom
Three Primary School Girls Smiling
Preschool girl looking up in class and smiling.
Preschool Building
Preschool Boy Eating Lunch

Dr. Mortel has achieved what no one before could accomplish in this city…But thanks to [his] dynamism and administrative ability, our school has become what it is today—a school of reference where the fundamental right to education and health care as well as the need to feed the children are respected and carried out. In our school, nothing is missing.

Parent of an LBS student

Four Primary School Children Smiling
Two Primary School Girls Smiling
Primary School Building
Primary School Boy Smiling

Our Primary School: Ecole Les Bons Samaritains (LBS)

  • Opened: 2001
  • Serves: 535 students (2020-2021 school year)
  • Grades: Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • Employs: 41 Haitians
  • Includes: two classes per grade (on average)
  • Students enter exclusively from our Preschool
  • Students receive: education, daily meals, dental care 2x/year, eye care 1x/year

Additional facts:

  • School facilities: library, science & computer labs
  • Computer, English & Music classes begin in 3rd grade
  • A residence adjacent to the school lodges up to 15 visitors

To be poor and attend this school opened my mind and gave me everything.

Acerneau, LBS alumnus

Our Secondary School: College James M. Stine (CJMS)

  • Opened: 2011
  • Serves: 631 students (2020-2021 school year)
  • Grades: 7th through 13th grade
  • Students receive: education, dental care 2x/year
  • 178 of the 631 students are graduates of Les Bons Samaritains primary school

Additional facts:

  • School Directed by the Clercs de St. Viateur
  • School facilities: library, science & computer labs
  • Extracurriculars include: student band, volleyball, basketball, soccer, art club, etc.
  • Ranked one of the top three schools in the Dept. of the Artibonite with near perfect passing rates
  • Nearly all graduates are currently enrolled at University
Group of Secondary School Children Smiling
Three Secondary School Children Playing Music
Secondary School Building
Secondary School Girl Laughing

At the beginning, the fact that someone was financially supporting my studies didn’t have much effect on me, but as I got older, I realized that these supporters—even if I didn’t know who they were, were like parents to me and I took that to heart.

Josué, LBS & CJMS alumnus, currently studying to be a doctor