In 2018, Olivia, Brooke and Molly were members of a young adult group who traveled to Haiti as part of an Archdiocese of Baltimore Mission Trip. They had plans to lead a week-long Summer Camp at the Good Samaritans School in Saint Marc, but their stay was unexpectedly extended due to unrest in the country before their planned return home.

Since that visit, these extraordinary women have annually shared their stories and raised over $6000 to continue their positive impact on the children and staff at the Mortel HHH schools in Haiti.

When Olivia, Brooke, and Molly went to Haiti in July 2018, they had no idea that their trip would be life changing.  They met children who were happy and joyful despite very little food, clean water, and no sanitation in their daily lives. The kids they met were resilient in spite of extreme poverty and daily safety concerns. 

When violence broke out, and the main road that leads to the Port au Prince airport was unsafe to travel, Olivia, Brooke, Molly and the other members of their group experienced firsthand what it means to be in a very poor country plagued by political unrest and to feel fear for their personal safety. Thankfully, the group did eventually find their way to the airport and returned home safely, after extending their week to a total of 11 days in Haiti.

After this experience, Olivia, Brooke, and Molly felt compelled to do something to help others understand both the beauty and turmoil of Haiti and its people.  Hence, the 11-Days in Haiti fundraiser was born. Annually, this group shares blogs, reflections, memories, and current events on their 11-Days blog and website to help raise funds to support the mission of the Mortel HHH Foundation.

This summer, the group raised over $1500 and plans to launch a teacher grant program for the 2022-2023 school year where teachers at the schools in Haiti can seek funding for a project that they’re passionate about to better the lives of the students and the school community.

Thank you, Oliva, Brooke, and Molly and your entire group for your commitment and dedication to provide hope and make a significant difference at the Mortel HHH schools!  

Your example shows all of us that hardships can turn into hope!