80% of how we learn is through our eyes.  Many of us, in this country, take our vision for granted.  If we have any difficulty seeing, there’s a nearby eye doctor to help. Usually, the cost is not prohibitive.  This is not the case in Haiti where eye care is considered a luxury.  Glasses may be beyond their means.

In Haiti there are various ways that NGO’s try to solve this problem.  Some bring in glasses collected from the United States and try to match the determined prescription with something close to what they have.  Little is done in the way of styling or taste.

In January, Dr. Jim Mascoli from Pennsylvania, examined students and staff at Les Bons Samaritains (LBS) and College James M. Stine (CJMS) and offered a variety of frames for selection to those who would need prescription lenses. He just returned from a quick trip to deliver the prescribed glasses and fit them properly to each recipient. In January he saw a total of 319 students at LBS and CJMS and prescribed glasses for 49. Mascoli also examined 34 adults and prescribed glasses for 21.

The frames and lenses are donated by Mascoli’s employer, a wholesale lab he works with, or personally donated by himself and a colleague. The students and staff are so grateful for not only the improved ability to see and perform at their school tasks, but also for the opportunity to be properly fitted for size and style.

We’re so grateful for Dr. Mascoli and his team!