This is a copy of a letter that was mailed to all of our student sponsors in June. We are so grateful to all of you and welcome your continued support moving forward.

June 15, 2020

Dear Sponsor,

What a year!

First, there were protests in the fall that closed schools for a month and a half. Schools returned to normal in January and then in mid-March, COVID-19 hit Haiti. Schools were closed again by the government to keep everyone safe. But because of your support, there were bright spots in the lives of the children at our schools in Saint Marc.

Thank you.

Because of you, children were fed this year.

Because of you, children were educated this year.

Because of you, there were moments of peace and calm this year.

Because of you, there were glimmers of hope in this unusual year in Haiti.

We will keep doing whatever we can for our Saint Marc community and for the students who were robbed of a full school year because of these unexpected circumstances. Thank you for sponsoring a student(s) during this past year. We would like to assure you of the impact you are having in Haiti and for that reason, we will be applying your 2019-2020 sponsorship donation to support this student(s) in the next 2020-2021 school year.

We are unsure of what the fall will bring in Haiti- just like in the United States. But we look forward to being able to connect you with your sponsored student(s) for the next school year in what we hope to be a more peaceful one.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you again for your belief in our mission and for your continued support. We hope to find our “new normal” quickly and return to directly serving the poorest children of Haiti with you on our team!

Most sincerely,

Dr. Rodrigue Mortel Signature

Dr. Rodrigue Mortel