Eggs and Field Trips!

What do these two things have in common?

They are both new to the Mortel HHH operation in Haiti!

Late last month, we expanded our Agriculture program to include hens that lay eggs (called “laying hens”) to help provide a reliable source of eggs to both the Mortel HHH Schools and the local community of Saint Marc. Like in the United States, eggs have been increasingly difficult to get in Haiti. The Mortel HHH Agriculture program, launched during the pandemic, already raises poultry, tilapia, and some produce to sell, but will now include eggs from the laying hens.  

Excited for the new addition to the program, the team at LBS and on the Farm jointly planned field trips for the 5th graders and the adults at the Literacy School. The students had the opportunity to see the laying hens in their new home, understand how the hens are cared for, and to see first-hand where some of their food comes from. Having a chance to learn outside the classroom was beneficial and fun for everyone!

Food scarcity and the very high cost of living continue to make daily life extremely difficult for many Haitians, so we’re excited that the HHH team in Haiti is able to supplement our school’s feeding program and the local market with nutritious food products on a regular basis—not to mention provide the opportunity for hands-on learning for our students of all ages!