Did you know?

Today is National Good Samaritans Day!

What a perfect day to celebrate SO MANY Samaritans who are part of the Mortel HHH Foundation family.

Our donors and sponsors, our Board members, our volunteer committees, our staff in Haiti, our teachers, our kitchen crew, our administration, our students, our volunteer dentists and eye doctors, our YOU! Every day, YOU are making a significant difference in the lives of the kids and adults in Haiti.

When Dr. Mortel named our elementary school Les Bons Samaritains, he said “too many people and institutions had contributed to this project to name it for any one person. It occurred to me instead to name it for a biblical character who exemplified the life-saving generosity the school would attempt to foster in its students.” Dr. Mortel continued, “The school would serve the poor kids whom people pass by, without even looking at them. For those children, the school would be someone new who comes by, stops, and sees them differently.”

Thank YOU for being one of these Samaritans who sees these children *differently*.

Thank you for your “life-saving generosity” and for helping to instill character and care into the next generation of Haitians. We are so excited to share photos and stories with you later this week that show exactly how this generous spirit is being celebrated by the students and staff in Haiti this year!

We LOVE and are so grateful for our Good Samaritans and are thrilled to celebrate each of you on this National Good Samaritans Day!


PS- Want to hear more about Good Samaritan Day plans in Haiti and other updates for the Foundation? Check out the replay of our Virtual Open House!