Every year, Haiti celebrates Labor and Agriculture Day on May 1st.

To highlight the importance of the agriculture sector for the country, our schools celebrated this holiday with their own “Green Day!” On Friday, each class at LBS presented a different product of the country that they brought in from the local markets.

The first graders talked about “lalo” (jute leaves which are similar to spinach) and its nutritional importance. They served it with rice which is the favorite dish of Haitians in the Artibonite region.

The second graders presented the sweet potato and prepared it two ways- boiled and also fried. It was a real treat!

The third graders presented pineapples and lemons and made juice to share. Fourth graders presented watermelon as a high-vitamin fruit. Fifth graders highlighted the vitamin-C-rich tamarind and sixth graders presented the anti-carcinogenic soursop– another local favorite.

The entire school- staff, students and administration- loved honoring Haiti’s agricultural roots and importance in such a delicious and educational way.