At this year’s Vacation Bible School at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Palmyra, PA, the children talked about what it means to go to school and how they are fortunate to not only attend school every day but to have families who can afford the supplies they need or want. The VBS teachers took the opportunity to share that many children in Haiti do not have the same opportunity to learn or the money to afford items that so are so easy to come by for them, like paper, pencils, and crayons.

The VBS kids were blown away by the fact that other kids struggle with getting the basics like food, clothing, and school supplies and decided to spend the week collecting donations to help.

The girls competed versus the boys all week to see whose basket would fill up the most! The children brought in money earned from doing chores or from their own savings and from their families to fill up the baskets and at the end of each day, they counted to see who raised the most money that day. The kids got so excited with the competition AND the chance to help other kids their own age!

By the end of the week, the Holy Spirit VBS team was able to raise nearly $500 to help support students at the Good Samaritans school! What a wonderful lesson the children learned as each one gave something to help the children in Haiti.