May 1st is a national holiday in Haiti to commemorate Agriculture and Labor. On Tuesday April 30th, the students at LBS organized a “Green Day” to celebrate.

Students and teachers dressed in green for the day to highlight Haiti’s agricultural strengths. Students took turns presenting different fruits and sharing how important they are to the country. First graders highlighted soursop, 2nd grade: mangoes, 3rd grade: watermelon, 4th: guava, and 5th: custard apples and bananas. The 6th graders performed a skit to highlight sapodilla, pineapple, orange, and tamarind. In addition to the school-wide assembly and presentations, each class also prepared a juice from their selected fruits to share with their schoolmates.

It was a wonderful celebration and a good reminder of the value that agriculture and the land has on the daily lives of Haitians.