May 2023 Highlights

I’m guessing most of you can relate when we say that May was a busy month!

Just wanted to share with you some of the highlights from the Mortel HHH schools last month made possible by your continued generosity and commitment.

Thanks for making all of this happen! Hope in Haiti remains alive because of you!



Mother’s Day love

Annually, Haiti celebrates Mother’s day at the end of May. This year, our preschoolers made some sweet handmade hearts and cards for their “mamans!”

6th Grade Visits the Farm and High School

The 6th graders at LBS took a field trip to visit the fish and hens at the farm behind the high school and took the opportunity to also visit the school that many of them will attend this fall.

LBS Soccer Tournament

Most children in Haiti would tell you that their favorite sport is soccer! LBS hosted the first round of its very own tournament. The final round of 5th grade vs. 6th grade will take place this Friday!

Flag Day with the CJMS Band

The James Stine College (CJMS) school band was selected by the town of St. Marc to play in the city’s Flag Day celebrations! The school is one of he only ones in town with an organized band. (Click the photo to hear them play!)

High School Olympics

The “Jeux Viatoriens,” the school olympics at James Stine College also took place in May. Student teams competed in soccer and volleyball and trophies were awarded to the winning teams.


PS- These are only a few highlights from last month! May also featured Teacher Appreciation celebrations, Haitian Flag day festivities and many academic successes for the students, all while the country around them continues to be plagued by instability and chaos. What an oasis you have provided! I look forward to sharing more good news with you in the weeks to come.