Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on October 4, 2016 devastating much of the southwest end of the country.

Saint Marc is hundreds of miles north and experienced less physical devastation, but as a port town, many still suffered the loss of homes and belongings from the winds and rains along the coastline.

The glimmer of hope came from the hearts of Alumni of Les Bons Samaritains School—the “LBS Alumni.” A group of LBS Alumni gathered together because they wanted to give back. They made a presentation to the current LBS students and asked them “If you have 2 toothbrushes, give one. If you have 2 shirts, give one. If you have 2 cents, give one.” Their goal was to collect items and money to offer to those whose homes were destroyed in Saint Marc because of Hurricane Matthew. Their impact was not only physical, but inspirational.

Dr. Mortel notes, “This is something I never dreamed of seeing in my lifetime. This is our mission in action.”

The students delivered their collected supplies while wearing shirts that state “We were, We are, We will always be, One family: LBS Alumni.” One alumnus stated, “We Good Samaritans, we have a model and that model is Dr. Mortel. It is thanks to him that we have this heart to help the poor.”