A special day for a couple whose generosity continues to impact hundreds of young children every year

Last week, The Mortel HHH Preschool celebrated the anniversary of the school and paid tribute to Samuel and Patricia Chairs. Patricia, whom the school is named for, and Sam, were long-time generous donors to the Mortel HHH Foundation and to the Haiti Project of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Patricia passed away in 1997 and Sam in August 2022.  

Mr. and Mrs. Chairs both loved children and wanted to make a difference in a country where survival is often the only goal. They, along with Dr. Mortel, understood the value of education and kindly provided the resources for many, many children in Haiti to grow, learn, and be fed.  

The preschoolers, Mrs. Edna, the school’s Director, and the administration, planned and participated in a program to honor Mr. and Mrs. Chairs with a Mass, dances, poems, and a number of student performances including a song for Patricia Chairs.    

The photos give a glimpse of the children enjoying this celebration and the appreciation they feel for the difference this school has made in their young lives, despite the challenging world surrounding them.

The Mortel HHH Foundation is forever grateful for the positive impact the Chairs family has made in Haiti!