UPDATE: We just learned that all 41 students passed the National Exam! Congratulations to the graduates and to the school staff for their hard work!!

We are elated to have just celebrated the first-ever graduation at James Stine College. The graduation Mass and ceremony were held in Saint Marc on Sunday, July 12th.

The class, named after Founder Rodrigue Mortel, consisted of 41 students out of which 4 were members of the first class to enter Les Bons Samaritains school in 2001.

Celebrating First Graduation

We are proud of these students and all that they have achieved and we look forward to what they will continue to accomplish as they move forward. Our aim is to keep in touch with these students and to be able to continue to update you on the impact your support has had in providing them with a quality education through the Mortel Foundation.

Thank you for supporting these students, these schools, and this Foundation. We are thrilled to see what is next for these recent graduates!