11 Days for HaitiOn July 11, two Haiti alumnae, Olivia du Bois and Brooke Nixon, launched the “11 Days for Haiti” campaign to help raise funds for COVID-19 relief for our schools and community in Haiti. They recruited their fellow travelers from 2018 to share blogs on their website for 11 days straight, honoring their 11-day trip to Haiti from two years ago.

They raised an astounding $4,000 in donations to help the children and schools they served first-hand! We are so thrilled with their dedication to service and their generous hearts. It is incredible to see the ripple effects and lasting impact that a trip to Haiti can have on the lives of so many.

Thank you so much to Olivia and Brooke and to their team for all they are doing for Haiti!

  • To read some of their blogs and check out their website, click here. (We highly encourage you to read some of their blogs!)
  • To see a Catholic Review article about their efforts, click here.