Last Saturday, April 2, 2022, we hosted the Spring Soiree: An Evening Among the Stars in Hershey, PA with over 100 friends and supporters of Haiti!

The evening not only included dinner, dancing, and an auction, but also gave us the chance to highlight some of the many STARS in Haiti that make this mission possible. HHH Vice President, Denise Mitchell, highlighted some of the groups of stars in Haiti including the teachers, kitchen crew, and parents of students in Haiti that encourage and care for the children every day.

Denise focused on one unique star’s story. Merites has been a part of the Foundation since the construction began at LBS. He has served as an unsung hero for more than 20 years.  Merites has worn many hats, willing to lend a hand no matter what was needed.  He helped with the construction of LBS, learning to mix cement, then moving on to the next construction task.  Once the school was completed, he was hired as the custodian of the school and became the guardian of not only the physical grounds, but the guardian of our vision by embracing the philosophy of the importance of education and applying it to himself and his family.  A graduate of the Literacy School, Merites and his three children have all been involved with the schools.  He exemplifies the mission in action through his humility and dedication to the children and adults in our school community. 

We’re grateful for Merites and for all of our stars in Haiti as well as all of the generous stars who joined us that evening and sponsored 20 students throughout the night! All the funds raised that evening help continue the mission of empowering the future stars of Haiti through education.

Thanks to all who made the event beautiful, fun, and successful!

Enjoy some photos of the evening below!