This past Sunday, January 9, 2022, we hosted Three Soup Sunday: Cooking with Love to Bring Hope to Haiti as part of the Finale of our Anniversary Year. 

Over 100 people registered for our ZOOM to learn how to make 3 delicious soups with Mariella Amato, chef and owner of Mangia Mangia Italian Grill in Hershey, PA, and Dr. Rodrigue Mortel, Founder & President of HHH.

While we learned how to make these delicious soups to warm our homes this winter, we also raised awareness and money to help fill the bellies of the children of Haiti. During the last 20 years, much has been accomplished. More than 15,000 students have been fed and educated daily. Hundreds of adults have been employed to help support their own families, and some of our graduates are moving on to successful endeavors while continuing to give back to their own communities.

So much has been accomplished, but much more remains! We look forward to the future, with you by our side, to see what more will be done for Haitians of all ages.

Thank you for your past generosity in helping the children of Haiti, including students like Josue and Djenny who are now on their way to being self-sufficient adults. Watch the video for more information on each of these graduates!

And another big “thank you” to Mariella & Dr. Mortel for sharing their time and expertise with us!

Download the recipes for these delicious soups to try on your own.

Watch the recording of the event below!