Teachers Selected for the Mortel HHH Continuing Education Program

Great news! Thanks to your generosity, three teachers at Les Bons Samaritans (LBS) have been selected to receive tuition assistance towards a university degree in Saint Marc!

Despite the very difficult conditions that currently permeate Haiti, these individuals are excited to begin this educational journey with increased hope and opportunity for the future of the country, and as a way to better serve the children at the Mortel HHH schools in Saint Marc.

After a competitive application process, Mr. Leonard, Ms. Debrosse, and Ms. Pierresaint were the chosen recipients. They will pursue a university degree in Education while also sharing their newly learned skills and expertise with the school community.

Pictured here with Mr. Jean Mirvil, the teachers were thrilled to show their “proof of enrollment” with their tuition receipts and expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation for this special gift.  We look forward to sharing highlights of their future accomplishments!