The Mortel High Hopes for Haiti Foundation is excited to announce that the mission of empowering the poorest of the poor through education will be extended to the community of St. Marc, Haiti from preschool to adults!

The Mortel Family Charitable Foundation and the Mortel High Hopes for Haiti Foundation have been consolidated into one organization to better serve Haitians of all ages and to make more efficient use of donated funds.

As we look ahead, there is an incredible and on-going need to provide for a country and community facing so many challenges. Through your continued compassion and generosity, we will expand the feeding program so kids do not go hungry, enhance the quality of education for Haitian children and adults, AND offer technical, agricultural, and life skills programs in an environment that builds competent, self-sufficient, and value driven leaders of all ages.

Please peruse the content here, on our new website, to learn more about the mission and how you can make a significant and life-changing impact for a child or an adult.


Still have questions? Check out a list of Common Questions or feel free to contact us!