It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that on Friday, April 22, 2022, the Mortel High Hopes for Haiti Foundation Founder and President, Dr. Rodrigue Mortel passed away. A prominent force in the lives of so many, both in the US and in Haiti, his absence will be greatly felt across the globe.

His work, both as a medical doctor and as a philanthropist, has shaped the lives of countless people throughout the years and we are so grateful for the lessons he taught us and for the legacy that he leaves behind. Words fail to express our sincere sorrow but also gratitude for having known such a man.

As a Foundation, we are dedicated to continuing his vision to empower Haitians through education and, with the grace of God, will work tirelessly to carry the torch that he so selflessly lit 20 years ago to improve the lives of so many in his hometown of Saint Marc, Haiti. 

Upon his passing, his daughter, Denise Mortel Mitchell, assumes the role of President of the Foundation. Having served by Dr. Mortel’s side for many years, we are confident that she will lead the organization to always honor and uphold the legacy of such an impressive leader, mentor, doctor, friend, father, and husband. 

Dr. Mortel’s obituary and the details for his services can be found here.

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