College James M Stine (CJMS), serving students in grades 7-13, observes its anniversary every year on January 29th, the date the school was dedicated in 2011. This year, despite the insecurity and challenges that Haiti is facing, the school community was still able to celebrate during the last weekend of January.

The festivities started with the students cleaning the school, reinforcing the pride they feel for the opportunity for a quality education. The next day, the whole CJMS family—teachers, parents, students, and members of the Administration and support staff—came together for an evening of cultural activities. A stage was set up and students performed songs and dances, showcasing their many talents. On Sunday, Mass was celebrated, a party was held for the teachers, and each class had a small get together.  

CJMS has routinely been recognized by Haiti’s Ministry of Education for its high levels of academic achievement. In addition to upholding the expectation for academic excellence, the School continues to strive to build and maintain a close community among its staff and students, while also encouraging participation in extracurricular activities to provide a well-rounded experience to the students.